Commitment to improve

At our resort, we are aiming to constantly improve and expand our gardens and facilities to provide the best possible experience for our guests. We have a dedicated team of gardeners and sustainability experts who are always working on new projects to enhance our resort’s natural beauty and sustainability.

Our team is always exploring new ways to refine our gardens, whether it is through the introduction of new plants, the implementation of innovative watering and irrigation techniques, or the creation of new garden spaces and features.

We believe that our gardens are an essential part of our resort’s unique atmosphere and are committed to preserving and improving them for future generations to enjoy. We take great pride in our gardens and are always striving to make them better.

If you are interested in visiting Jardins Domaine Decelles and experiencing our gardens for yourself, we invite you to join us and witness the ongoing evolution of our beautiful natural paradise.  You will see a list below of all of our upcoming projects.