My favorite Organic Gardening Links

Attention to all garden enthusiasts! We are thrilled to share some of our favorite links related to organic gardening. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting out, these resources will help you grow beautiful and healthy plants while also promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

What is moon-planting – Planting by the moonPlanting calendarGarden-guides companion-planting – Edible, Medicinal and other uses of over 8,000 plants

Planting by the moon

At Jardin Domaine Decelles we work with the moon to create our planting schedule. Planting by the moon is an old and approved way to plan your garden – farmers and gardeners have been using it for ages!

Connecting with the phases of the Moon taps into our deep desire to be in tune with nature. These websites can give you a detailed explanation about “Planting by the moon“.

Calendar for planting in your region

If you want to use “Planting by the moon“ to plan your garden, you need to follow certain rules. But don’t worry, there is an easy way to get a calendar which includes the average last frost dates and the moon phases at your local area. Starting into this kind of planting is easier than you expect it to be!

Companion planting & dislikes

Gardening by the moon is not the only way to plan your garden, there are also other ways to improve your plants and the arrangements of your garden area: “Companion Planting”! It can help to increase yields, decrease disease and limit pests!

PFAF Plants for A Future 8000+ Plant Pages

A full garden with a big diversity of plants has always been your dream and you really want to know the uses of your plants? We have edible plants and beautiful flowers for the bees, but there are even more powers in plants within. This website includes the edible, medicinal and other uses from over 8000 plants.